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free 3D openGL tanks simulator in Liberty Basic

Posté par chung le 29 octobre 2009

tanks_chung is a 3D openGL tank game with terrain relief , combat simulation and map editor i have programmed in Liberty Basic v4.03

 click there to download => tanks_chung.zip  (3.3 Mo)  (30/08/2010)

 (include tanks_chung.exe directly executable and .bas file)

(18/10/2009)  read joystick rudder added

(22/10/2009)  trees textures added

(28/10/2009)  tank canon combat added 

(05/11/2009)  bushes added 

(15/11/2009) drawhorizon changed : performances improved

(30/08/2010) ground terrain more compatible with other PCs


randonneechung.jpg  randonnee_chung2.JPG  randonneechung4.jpg  randonneechung5.jpg

randonneechung6.jpg  randonneechung7.jpg  tankschung.jpg  <= enlarge


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free flight simulator in Liberty Basic

Posté par chung le 9 juin 2009

flight_chung is a free flight simulator with map editor i have written in Liberty Basic


click there to download  =>  flight_chung.zip  (4.5Mo)  24/03/2010 

(include flight_chung.exe directly executable)

latest updates : 

(10/06/2009) check if there is a joystick and dont read it if no (before, it took wrong  data, making impossible to play)

(11/06/2009) one AI plane added (total 3)

(12/06/2009) volume control added

(13/06/2009) tourelle view added

(21/06/2009) combat simulation added

(23/06/2009) 2 planes added + enhanced performance + color choice 

(24/06/2009) some objects added 

(25/06/2009) towers shoot at you

(02/07/2009) cockpits added

(03/07/2009) propeller added

(06/07/2009) tanks added

(22/03/2010) change visor added (ground/air combat)

(24/03/2010) read joystick rudder added

 flightchung2.jpg flightchung.jpg flightchung3.jpg flightchung4.jpg flight_chung6.JPG<= enlarge


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