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irr_chung a free 3D game in freebasic and irrlicht openGL

Posté par chung le 16 janvier 2010

irr_chung is a free 3D game i wrote in freebasic and irrlicht openGL.

You can explore the vast nature game area , find persos or hunt monsters.If your health is low, look for a potion.

click here => http://chungswebsite.blogspot.com/search/label/irr_chung 

tips : to swich to fps camera mode , set weapon off (W) , click left mouse, then set weapon on (W)

(19/01/2010) new monster : giant ant added
(23/01/2010) test if there is no joystick, added (could cause trouble)
(06/02/2010) change fog param added
(06/02/2010) black ant added
(08/02/2010) declare war added
(11/02/2010) change terrain maps added (0..3) (road added)
(12/02/2010) custom my_irr_wrapper.dll
(16/02/2010) change terrain detail added (0..4)
(17/02/2010) persos added
(18/02/2010) spiders added
(20/02/2010) inventory added [i]
(22/02/2010) hit jump added
(22/02/2010) gnome added
(02/03/2010) change sky added (night,dawn,day)
(06/03/2010) chest of sight added
(17/03/2010) gun shoot added
(18/03/2010) amunition added
(25/03/2010) change trees number added (1000..15000)
(31/03/2010) edit trees map added
(02/04/2010) persos are moving
(03/04/2010) rocks and number change added
(06/04/2010) change grass added (0=rnd ,1..7)
(11/04/2010) water added
(14/04/2010) river added (map6)
(16/04/2010) change water height added
(18/04/2010) swimm added
(20/04/2010) start panel added
(22/04/2010) num0/button3 => switch gun/meele weapon
(24/04/2010) butterflys added (1..20) ctrl+B
(26/04/2010) lion added
(27/04/2010) tiger added
(27/04/2010) dinosaur added
irr_chung a free 3D game in freebasic and irrlicht openGL


<= enlarge

description : irr_chung is a compact 3D FPS irrlicht openGL game with terrain relief,trees,moving grass,houses and monsters.Explore the game area or kill monsters.To install just unzip the zip file into c:\irr_chung folder.To play just run irr_chung.exe.To uninstall just delete unzipped folder. Joysticks and gamepad supported.irr_chung is an Open source program written in freeBasic and irrlicht openGL .Source file is included in the zip file.

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free 3D openGL tanks simulator in Liberty Basic

Posté par chung le 29 octobre 2009

tanks_chung is a 3D openGL tank game with terrain relief , combat simulation and map editor i have programmed in Liberty Basic v4.03

 click there to download => tanks_chung.zip  (3.3 Mo)  (30/08/2010)

 (include tanks_chung.exe directly executable and .bas file)

(18/10/2009)  read joystick rudder added

(22/10/2009)  trees textures added

(28/10/2009)  tank canon combat added 

(05/11/2009)  bushes added 

(15/11/2009) drawhorizon changed : performances improved

(30/08/2010) ground terrain more compatible with other PCs


randonneechung.jpg  randonnee_chung2.JPG  randonneechung4.jpg  randonneechung5.jpg

randonneechung6.jpg  randonneechung7.jpg  tankschung.jpg  <= enlarge


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free openGL 3D space flight in Liberty Basic

Posté par chung le 25 septembre 2009

spaceGL_chung is a free 3D space flight game with map editor i have written in Liberty Basic v4.03 and openGL.

click there to download =>  spaceGL_chung.zip  (4.8Mo)  (24/03/2010)

(include spaceGL_chung.exe directly executable and .bas file) 

(01/10/2009)  planets added  (venus,mars,jupiter,saturn)

(18/10/2009)  read joystick rudder added

(30/10/2009)  io,titan,mercury added

(22/03/2010) change visor added (high,low)

tips : exit game area to change planets


space_chung.JPG  space_chung2.JPG  space_chung3.JPG  space_chung4.JPG  

space_chung5.JPG  space_chung6.JPG <= enlarge 


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Labyrinth 3D in Liberty Basic

Posté par chung le 27 mars 2009

laby_chung is a photorealistic 3D game with map editor i wrote in Liberty Basic v4.03

 click there to download => laby_chung4.zip  (4.9 Mo)  30/06/2009

(include laby_chung.exe directly executable)

latest .bas file only => laby_chung_bas3.zip  (16Ko)  30/06/2009



if you like this game , edit new maps and post them !

(12/05/2009) added : purge old graphical data prevents memory overflow

(27/05/2009) some bush added, random tree insert added

(13/06/2009) random labyrinth generator added (access by [random] button on selecting wall)

(14/06/2009) compass added

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