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free midi player in liberty basic


this is a free midi player with delay on noteoff i have written in liberty basic

notes got longer by a time defined for each song (delay on noteoff)

tempo adjustable per song

auto volume adjustment

instrument selection


repeat 1/ a->b / rnd /all

smf 0/1



playlist double detection

autostop if launched twice

errors skipping

midi out port selection

color change

click below to download

> https://sourceforge.net/projects/midichung/

standalone version (don’t need to load Liberty Basic) :

midi_chung.exe   (1.21Mo)  15/06/2009

midi_chung5.jpg  midi_chung2.jpg  <= see more


(15/06/2009) important ! bug making the program no longer works on windows 98 and other problems fixed !  

(15/02/2009) delay switch added
(15/02/2009) midi out port selection added

you can now select midi out port , and connect the output to the input of free VSThost application with VSTinstruments loaded (like free mda piano) if you have installed free virtual midi ports like MapleVMC (virtual midi cable) which is usefull to connect several sequencers together (i prefer MapleVMC than Loopbe1 because Loopbe1 detects Feedback loops and disconnects too easyly when playing high rated midi data ).
I use VSThost and MapleVMC and it works fine  (Cantabile lite is a good free vst host too)

VSThost.jpg     maple.jpg   <= enlarge

example of music recorded with  echo_chung => free midi player in liberty basic mp3 midi_chung_nemo.mp3     more  =>  my playlist 

midi_chung_nemo.JPG  <= enlarge

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